Ranunculus Flowers

I haven’t been a good blogger lately, because I’ve been working…a lot, actually. I really can’t complain, although I’m in close need of a small break. I am going to try to be better though, as I have a lot to share with you all.

Today, however, I want to share my recently rejuvenated love for the ranunculus flower. I’ve been studying some different flowers and plants to figure out a subject for my next series of paintings. I’ve been consumed with design for so long that I haven’t gotten to work on my passion—painting. I have started making a little bit of time for it lately, and I’m just trying to make baby steps.

In the process of research, I came upon the ranunculus and got really excited. I used to work with them a little bit when I worked in a flower shop (which I miss greatly, by the way), but I never have gotten to work with the really large ones. They are not a flower you can just find on any given day at the Florist, which is probably what makes them special.

I also love the origin of the name. The name ranunculus is late Latin for “little frog” and probably refers to many of its species being found near water, according to Wikipedia. At any rate, I am working on the first painting of ranunculus flowers now, and I will post when it is worth seeing (in other words, when enough progress has been made that it doesn’t bore you). Enjoy these happy images, all from Flickr.

I think I have found my new favorite flower. :)

Sara Beth Parks is a designer, Southern girl, and lover of all things beautiful, currently writing of her journey with art, design, and life on this blog, “My Latest Buzz.”

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