Wish List

This is my current designer wish list. I am blogging about it, because there is no way that I can afford these things currently, or probably even in the near future. With what I would spend on this, I could get a really nice used car.

I have everything that I need, currently (to do what I do), and these will be really fun additions once I do acquire them one fine day. It’s the feeling like after you’ve driven an old car and eventually you get a newer one. You have a purer appreciation for it. You take care of it better; you notice the details more often. (Sorry for the many car references—it’s the daughter-of-a-dealer mentality). Thanks for teaching me that, Dad.

I got one thing knocked off my wish list when my boyfriend got me an Epson 1400 printer. He wasn’t as excited as me about it, but it made this girl ecstatic. It rocks, and it’s been oh-so-perfect for my little in-house stationary shop, Nimblee.

The Nikon d40. This camera is awesome, and I been told time and again that it’s the one I need. I might do some digging on Amazon or e-bay for this one…

The illustrious MacBook Pro, 17”. There are no words. I have a gorgeous iMac that my dad bought me in college that I still love. Imagine how the two could work together. I could double up screens at home and take my laptop to the coffee shop when I needed to get away for a bit.

My current computer, below. I still love it, and it’s still kickin’. See, they would really look good together, right? Look at all of the design space I would have with my 21″ desktop and my 17″ laptop…perfect together.

If I’m going to get a computer that nice, I might as well upgrade to the latest addition of my design software, CS5.

The mini letterpress machine from Paper Source that I have been eyeing for quite some time…

Some kind of really awesome scanner for my illustrations, photos, design work…(Will, I have not forgotten about your offer for your scanner that I love dearly and that got me through many crying fits in college).

This has nothing to do with design, (except that it’s designed very well) but I found this while looking at the mini letterpress machine. I love this pretty apron. :) Add that to the list, please.

In the meantime, I will try not to covet these items; rather, I will work hard and put these items on the big girl wish list.

Sara Beth Parks is a designer, Southern girl, and lover of all things beautiful, currently writing of her journey with art, design, and life on this blog, “My Latest Buzz.”

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