Going National Geographic Vintage

Through another blog, Design for ManKind, I found this really cool blog devoted to old National Geographic scans and images, quiettime. I’ve always been a fan of NG’s photography, and these images are really moving. Here are a few of my favorites from the site.

How precious is this image, especially the little girl? I love this photograph so much. I wish I had a super large copy of it.

This one is really majestic, and the open shutter was perfect for this star-filled sky.

This one takes me right back to the 80s and reminds me of E.T. and of how happy watching E.T. still makes me. Seriously…isn’t that little short dude on the left E.T.? How many times can I say E.T. in one sentence? Geez.

Can I be there right now?

I had to include sharks, of course…

This one makes me think of Little House on the Prairie.

This has to be some good ol’ Southern porch time. So many things I love about this photograph…

Nothing better than a porch swing.

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