Minimalism, Please

Oh my, am I excited about this poster…

Aside from the fact that this is my favorite movie, this poster is sensational. I found a post about these posters on Designer’s Couch and immediately was intrigued. The designer, Pedro Vidotto, does some really beautiful work, and I’ve already emailed him about trying to buy this print. He has a gorgeous graphic series on lots of movies; of course, I lusted after this one.

It defines true minimalism, as it gives you just enough of what you need to be able to identify it immediately but adds no unnecessary elements that would deflect from the simplicity. I especially love the perfectly-bold yellow bricks and the understated italics used for the words, ‘the wizard of.’ Amazing what color, a few shapes, and a great typeface can do for the emotions, right? :)

Here are some of my favorites that also display a bit of cleverness:

Oh gosh, and how could I forget Twilight? This series is possibly my favorite as far as symbolism goes.

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