Live Every Week Like It’s Shark Week

What if THAT was coming straight at you? No. Seriously, what if? And, he’s a fat shark, which means he’s eaten lots of people or baby seals lately.

I hope you’re living this week like it’s shark week. Literally. It’s on Discovery right now. You could be learning how to survive a shark attack at this very moment; instead, you’re surfing the web.

How cool is this, right? It is a concept by Todd Rone Parker. He came up with this while at The Creative Circus. For you non-creatives, The Creative Circus is a huge deal. Anyway, I’m obsessed with this. I love guerilla marketing, and if this were real, I would probably ride this escalator all the live-long day just to “step inside their world.” And how much fun would it be to watch people jump over the shark? Awesome.

On another note, I am really digging the Shark Week logo. Very nice.

Now, go learn how to survive in those murky waters.

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