Cake, Watercolors, & Birthday Pinatas

A few pics from some July birthday fun:

This was my first 3 layer cake, in honor of Summer’s birthday. She likes confetti cake, so I paired it with some vanilla/almond icing:

Almost ready…

The birthday pinata, given by one of her friends. This was my favorite part of the party. It didn’t have anything in it, but he made a great companion. I’m pretty sure he watched t.v. with Summer during the weekend. And, he made a very festive center piece for the table.

I was excited to get back into a little bit of painting with this watercolor that I made for her birthday. She loves the lake, so I wanted to her to be able to look at the water all of the time. She got the most perfect rustic wood frame for it, too, that I’m obsessed with (I haven’t photographed yet, but trust me, it’s very cool).

“I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore…I hear it in the deep heart’s core.”—quote by William Butler Yeats


Shortly before, we had a little celebration for Jonathan.

The party actually started in the dark, because the power went out for a few minutes…

But, it came back on. :)

I got him The Godfather Trilogy dvd set, complete with some director’s cuts, behind the scenes fun, etc, etc. It was like watching a kid in a candy shop.

Still examining it…

Happy birthday, people. :)

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  1. Leslie 08/12/2010 / 12:27 pm

    1. I WAY enjoyed the worm-charmer’s cousin. Stellar.
    2. I love the last picture in this blog entry. You look so happy, genuinely. And that makes me happy!
    3. I’m making big changes in my program currently so maybe time will free up for a visit. That needs to happen. soon :)

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