Friday Tune: Bohemian Like You

This Friday tune goes out to one of my besties (I loathe that expression, but I also couldn’t resist). Cheers to you, Jamie. She’s traveling the world right now (specifically Asia), and I miss her terribly.

This throwback goes to Jamie, because it’s something that we would listen to…and because of the title. She’s a little bohemian. :) Additionally, we both have the same affinity for 90s music. This song was released in 2000, but it still has that teen-sounding, late 90s feel to it. Yeah…you know what I mean.

I just couldn’t load another youtube video with the lyrics scrolling the entire time, and the actual video is a little racy. I tried to do a widget that failed as well, because I need to be like Beyonce’ and “upgrade” to Anyway, you know this one…”Bohemian Like You” by the Dandy Warhols ————->listen now on grooveshark: 2oGpXW

I changed my mind…grrr. If you insist on hearing the song here, just press play and see the dumb scrolling lyrics. Happy Friday, everyone. And, happy Friday to Jamie…wherever you may be at this moment! :)

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  1. Jamie 08/13/2010 / 11:08 pm

    Aww, I couldn’t hear the song. I am in a little rice paddy town in Bali and the internet is a little shady. I wish you were here. My days are spent at Balinese homes painting, eating and talking. I miss you so much though. I am so honored to be the subject of your blog entry. :) Love!!

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