Friday Favorites

Some of my favorites this week…

This. Is. BRILLIANT. I love it. I can’t wait. Conan, I love you, you wild, noctural red-head, you. I just said ‘love’ and ‘you’ way too many times in this lead-in. Apologies.

So many things I love about this picture…my two best friends (my boy and my sis) in Mississippi State gear, in our tailgate before the first game of the season. What’s not to love? Also, they sort of look alike, right? They look a lot more alike than I do to either one of them, actually… :)

And last but not least, the Friday tune that I can’t stop listening to this week. This is one of those songs that I routinely discover on my ipod and listen to constantly for a week. I didn’t realize they were a one-hit wonder. What a shame. They have great sound. I also love this video and the simultaneously turning circles around the film. Rad.

Happy Friday. :)

Sara Beth Parks is a designer, Southern girl, and lover of all things beautiful, currently writing of her journey with art, design, and life on this blog, “My Latest Buzz.”

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