Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


Yes, that’s right. Girls do just want to have fun. So that’s what we did this summer. I know…this post is about three months overdue. Just go with it.

We conjured up some random fun on the night before my sister left to head back to school. She lived with me for the summer and interned with ABC 33/40; we had a blast, and we had to celebrate before she left.

Here we are on the last night, being silly. The night included some tasty food, Mountain Brook Creamery, a little bit of drama, asking random boys to take pictures of us, a photo shoot, and hanging upside down on monkey bars. Yes, we were 12 again.

Get it, Leah!

They are so mean.

If you ever feel like you need more playground in your life, just give us a ring. We’re not too cool to slide down the slide again.

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  1. lauren 10/08/2010 / 11:23 am

    I love this! My friends and I started an annual pinata party in high school at night on the playground… it’s not as frequent these days, but the pictures look pretty similar. :)

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