Whirlwind—the word that describes my  life the last few months. I can’t complain, though. Life has been great. At any point during the day (or night sleeping hours, for that matter) there are 1,237,052 things that I could “be doing.” The Lord is teaching me that it’s okay if it doesn’t all get done, and that “getting everything done” is not the point of life anyway. What He really wants is for me to rest in His presence. I have to give my sin-nature over more times than I can count each day to try to do that, and I am thankful for His constant reminders.

I am prodded to take in these moments, these gifts, that I’ll never get back—to treasure them and guard them, and to enjoy the special things that have been surrounding me. Here are a few of them captured on film:

{getting to share in a special weekend with one of my besties}

{candlelit celebrations…}

{and great friends that plan them}

{game nights with old friends…}

{and laughing until you cry}

{brown paper packages…}

{…tied up with string}

{these are a few of my favorite things}

{we’ve gotten to enjoy lots of parties…}

{and super yummy treats, too.}

{I even got to have a joint shower (wedding and baby) with another one of my besties…and her sweet baby girl Nora that will be here soon…<3 }

{Got to ring in the new year with my sis and my boy…}

{…and there is not better way to start 2011 than by watching your alma mater beat Michigan in the Gator Bowl!! Go dawgs!}

{This one makes me so happy…and calm. And nostalgic. My boy and I were on the way out of town, leaving the farm and about to trudge through the blizzard when I saw this…}


Yes, life has been full lately. But, it’s been good.


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