Craving Oil

Paint, that is. You won’t hear me say that a lot. While I enjoyed my oil painting class with the brilliant Brent Funderburk at Mississippi State, it was definitely more of a challenge for me. I have a true love for watercolor, and I’ve always enjoyed arcylics, but oil painting takes a special patience and a different kind of attention. The end results are so worth it, but it’s not a medium that should be rushed.

I found this painting on another blog, Design for Mankind, and I just fell in love. I want to touch the highlights of it, as I can tell that it’s coming off the canvas. This is one of my favorite attributes of oil painting, by the way. The medium literally comes off the canvas and interacts with you.

This looks like water. And ballet. And calm, but passionate, too. What does it look like to you, or what does it make you think of?

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