Back Porch Sittin’

Daylight Savings has come. THANK YOU, Lord. Seriously. I am so thankful for the extra hours of sunlight. It’s still in the baby stages, but I am exuberant. I can’t wait to get outside and play in the yard.

As newlyweds, we are in home improvement mode. We are figuring out what we like, what is feasible, what to do if you have an old house with no outside electrical wiring…those types of things. :) We do have one outside outlet on our back porch, and I fully intend to use it for string lights. I’m ready for some good, Southern back porch sittin’ this Spring and Summer.

I dream of a trellis in our back yard over a large table where we can have lots of summer dinners…

How cool is this Home Plate sign? My husband is excited about the fire pit…

I love string lights. They are so fun and happy.

I’m ready to get my hands dirty, plant some pretty blooming things, grab a couple of large hanging ferns, and turn up the Bob Marley. Warm weather and cookouts…here we come.

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