Honeymooning with My Honey

My honey and I traveled to Cabos for (almost) a full week of relaxation and fun in the sun. I have dreamed of my honeymoon for so long—the moment when you are finally married and get to have one week with no cares in the world but each other! It was absolutely wonderful, and my sweet husband planned the most lovely trip for us.

It started in Birmingham. We stayed at Ross Bridge  for the first two nights, and it was so nice to relax and eat tons of wedding cake! The hotel was fabulous, and they even have a bagpiper that comes out on the golf course greens at dusk to alert the golfers that it’s time for dinner, so we got to stand on our balcony and listen before we went to eat. It was a great way to start our honeymoon, and I hope to go back for another retreat-away-from-home sometime!

We then headed to the airport first thing Monday morning and almost missed our flight. We were running late…eek. I begged the woman checking us in to let us get on the plane and she finally said yes…after informing me that the only reason we were getting to board was that it was our honeymoon. Oh, goodness…it was a close call.

We got on the plane and a few hours later arrived at the most beautiful resort, Casa Del Mar. It was a little slice of heaven. The staff was so accommodating, we ate amazing food the entire time, and we even saw whales coming out of the ocean water as we were laying out. It was whale-watching season—how lucky were we? Here are some pics of our resort:

We had romantic dinners on the beach at night…

And they even gave me a Mexican shawl to wear while we ate (it was a little chilly when the sun went down).

Our view from the room…

Sunset in Cabos…sigh

And beautiful views on our strolls to dinner…

We even did a zip line tour across some canyons. I had some pictures posted from that, but my honey made me take them down. We did look pretty ridiculous in the helmets and zip-lining gear…

Oh so thankful for our time in Cabos. I’m even more thankful for the man that I got to spend it with.


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