My Newest Leaf

Good gracious. I haven’t quit the blog. I promise. I’ve just been running like a chicken with my head cut off (no surprise there). Things have been great, though, and I am excited about some new things that have come my way…

I’ve been doing a little bit of this

and a little bit of this

and some projects like this (see before)…

(and after)…

In case you didn’t catch all of that, I am doing some new things. I get to wake up and play with flowers each morning, and I am learning a lot about them from some very talented people. I am also getting to fully pursue one of my greatest design passions—invitation design. nimblee is getting a lot more of my attention these days; I am in hog heaven playing with paper, beautiful typography, and meeting with wonderful people that have a passion for print and remembering that special event with something unique. nimblee has a site redesign in the works (stay tuned) and so does my latest buzz for that matter. So get ready for some new looks along with all of these changes. By the way…why is this text blue and highlighted? Sigh…I have bad computer karma lately. Whateve.

I haven’t been just working, though. I’ve been playing some, too.

My honey and I got to make a long weekend out of a business trip of his that just so happened to be in our nation’s capital. We were thrilled to get to spend some time in D.C. We were enamored—it completely tickled our history buff fancy. I have another post coming about it with lots of fun photos…

…after I re-download them from my online back-up system. My computer crashed last week. That was a change that I could have lived without for sure. But, life happens.

In the meantime, I just wanted to say hi. I hope you are having a perfect summer. And, I hope you have a fan close by at all times if you live in the South. This summer is a hot one.


  1. Anne Elise 06/28/2011 / 7:39 am

    I love it… and your dining room chairs!!! Ah, they’ve turned out so wonderfully! We did a good job picking out that fabric :) The black polish finish is perfect, too. Hooray for many fun projects! I want to do some neat things like you…

  2. Janie Cobb 06/30/2011 / 8:23 pm

    Loved the picture of you and Jon. Smiling as usual and having a great time. Love the invitations. You do beautiful work. See ya’ll

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