Our Newest Addition

The Cobb family just grew from 2 to 2.5. We have a new little boy in our house.

Meet Copper.

Copper is a Brittany puppy. He is so sweet, and he is growing fast. We brought him home at six weeks old (two weeks ago), so we have gotten a small taste of what it’s like to have a toddler. We are training him in every way–waking up several times a night for bathroom lessons, “sit” and “no”, and the classic game of fetch, of course. He is a smart and loving pup, and we are a little obsessed.

This next picture warms my heart. It is everything that is right in my world. :)

Copper talk:

Likes: my toys (especially my green tennis ball), furniture (although mom and daddy tell me I can’t chew on it), getting up early in the morning to play, cuddling with mommy and daddy at night, having my belly scratched, running outside in the grass

Dislikes: bedtime, my crate, mom and daddy telling me “no”, the loud contractors across the street with all of their loud tools, the big dogs in our neighborhood

Copper will be appearing on the blog from time to time, so stay tuned!





  1. Deb Mitchell 07/27/2011 / 2:48 pm

    He’s cute as can be and I know you’ll love him even more once the potty training is over! Give him a scratch on his head and a rub on his belly from his Great Aunt Deb & Uncle Dave….

  2. Anne Elise 07/27/2011 / 3:24 pm

    Hahahahahaha…. I just got a kick out of this. I can hear Copper “saying” all of those things. What wonderful pictures! Framers for the house.. I think so :)

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