Fun with Flowers

When I’m not designing graphically or running nimblee, you can probably find me at the flower shop. It’s been invigorating to start the day with flowers and end with graphic design. Sometimes, if I’m really lucky, I get to incorporate the two…

I got to create a chair-piece last weekend for a fancy bachelorette party. The bride-to-be’s sister wanted her to have a special place to sit, so I got to come up with a chair piece and design a small sign that read “bride” to highlight the honored person of the night! How cute is she?

The theme was slightly European, as she is getting married in Greece! So, we went with a sprawling wildflower feel.

This pic is kind of dark, but you get the idea (I took it with an iPhone in low-light, so go easy on me). You can’t see it because of the darkness, but it has a large deep purple hydrangea in the middle, queen anne’s lace, some gorgeous natural fillers, and my favorites in this piece–tulips. They aren’t even in season now, but I found them at the wholesale and had to use them.

I’ve also been creating at the shop…

One of my favorite things about working with flowers? You almost always have fresh flowers in your home. I worked on a wedding last week, and we had a lot of left-over stock, so I am enjoying a tall center-piece this week. :)

I have so much to learn in the flower department, but I am enjoying the process. Stay tuned–maybe I’ll have some more shots for you soon!

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  1. Deb Mitchell 08/25/2011 / 8:09 am

    Beautiful arrangements!

  2. Janie Cobb 08/29/2011 / 7:45 pm

    Sara Beth,

    Everything is so beautiful. Makes me wish I was getting married again. Of course to the same guy I’ve been with married to for the last 39 years.

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