Simple Can Be Harder Than Complex

“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.” ― Steve Jobs

Brilliant quote by a brilliant man. I’m thankful to Steve for his genius and for the way his products have shaped what I do everyday.

I fell in love with Apple in college. I was scared to death when I started playing around on my first Mac–trying to make something happen with really scary software. “Hmm…can I really be a graphic designer, I thought?” It didn’t take me long to decide that being a graphic designer was exactly what I wanted.

Because of Apple’s intuitive products, I was able to make things happen. And, Apple gave me more than just a really cool iMac to work on…it gave me inspiration. The design of their products, their ads, their clever copywriting, their simplicity…it all symbolizes the goal we designers attain to reach–reaching a market with connectivity, fantastic yet “simple” design, and brilliance.

I can’t imagine being the mind behind all of that, but I’m thankful that Steve Jobs was.


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