Season’s Greetings

Well, hello there, and Season’s Greetings to you all…

I remember taking this picture. I was being a know-it-all brat and insisted to my mother that I wear my new “cool” glasses. Mothers are almost always right about things, by the way…(Mom, aren’t you happy to hear me say this at 27?) :)

I am itching for a small break from my computer, but I thought I would post a preview of what’s to come on my latest buzz…

That’s right…a New York post. Jonathan and I visited the Big Apple over Thanksgiving, and we fell in love with the city.

We even made a short appearance on Jimmy Fallon.

Don’t blink. You risk missing it if you do.

Sorry…no sound. I recorded this on an iphone at 1:30 a.m., NY time, so I was groggy to say the least.

I wish you the merriest Christmas and good time to relax with your loved ones.



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