Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day. :)

If you’re reading this right now, I’m probably buried in flower orders…

I will be dreaming of dozen rose arrangements in my sleep for a few days…

I got to make an arrangement yesterday (Feb. 13th) that read: “lilies in fluted vase-designer’s choice.” I was excited, because designers wish they would see “designer’s choice” more often on floral orders…

So I picked out some pretty Oriental lilies that still have lots of blooms left…

and finished the arrangement off with some hypericum and curly willow…

“I just love lilies,” I thought.

And guess who surprised me with the “designer’s choice” flower arrangement later at home?

This guy:

Thanks, babe.  You really made this tired girl’s day. :)

Here’s a honey treat for you, my honey-loving honey:

(We love bees and honey around here, if you can’t tell.)

Whether you have a date out, a date in, or a fun-filled girls’ night ahead of you, I hope you have a happy heart day!


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  1. Karen Sullivan 02/14/2012 / 10:24 am

    beautiful photos…I can almost smell all those pretty flowers :)
    hope you have a sweet <3 day!

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