What I’ve Been Listening To Lately

Has it really been FEBRUARY since I posted last? How sad.

I hope to have some fun posts coming up…I’ve been saving some things for awhile, since I haven’t had time to blog lately.

I digress. Today, I just want to share some tunes that I can’t stop listening to…

Number One:

I always think, “How can Chris Thile get any better?” He keeps me guessing and always proves me wrong. The latest album by Punch Brothers is incredible. Mosey on over to iTunes and download it now. Seriously. >>(see end of post for a Punch Brothers treat)


For some reason, I didn’t notice the music as much while I was watching this movie, which is weird for me. Maybe it’s because it was blended so seamlessly into the film. I’ll have to go back and watch it again. Regardless, this soundtrack has an impressive lists of contributing artists. Punch Brothers make an appearance on this one as well, and I’m in love with “Safe and Sound” by sweet Taylor Swift and the Civil Wars. Be sure to listen to “Just a Game” by Birdy as well. It’s beautiful. Good stuff on this one.


Chances are, you’ve probably seen this (because 97 million people have), but I still love it. I’m obsessed with this girl’s voice, and I like this version better than the Gotye version:

This is a live version of “Who’s Feeling Young Now”, but make sure you download it, too. Really…how can someone be that good on the mandolin?

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