New Year: New Look

Welcome to the newly-renovated My Latest Buzz! I’ve been gone for awhile, but the blog had to get a bit of a face lift, and the designer had to do some work to pay for fun things, such as blog makeovers. :)

welcome back

In the meantime, we had a snow day a couple of weeks ago. Winter in Birmingham has been mild, to say the least, so we were pleasantly surprised when we got a big time afternoon snow (that lasted only a few hours, mind you). I’ll take those few hours, though. It was pretty great to look out your window and see this:


Copper didn’t know what the white stuff was, so he explored a little…

(how cute are those paw prints in the snow?)


And then decided to try to catch a snowflake…



We threw the ball for a while…


And played in the backyard…



We called his dad and convinced him to come home early…


That’s when the real fun began…and some trouble, too.




Yes, snow day was a lot of fun. And then it started to melt…





And everyone was suddenly exhausted.




Come back and see us anytime you like, Snow Day! We prefer you to the current tornado weather we are experiencing.

For my favorite snow day tune, listen here.

Sara Beth Cobb is a freelance graphic designer and owner of {nimblee}, where she specializes in branding and custom invitation design. {nimblee} is located in The Magic City–Birmingham, Alabama. 


    • sbpcobb
      01/30/2013 / 11:07 am

      Thanks! I think he liked it. :)

  1. Megan 01/30/2013 / 11:49 am

    Love the new blog look…..looks awesome SB. I love keeping up with my favorite designer.

    • sbpcobb
      01/31/2013 / 10:28 am

      Thanks, Megs! That really means a lot coming from my favorite @happybakes! Must see your face soon, please!

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