Remembering Callie

Last Monday, we lost a true gem in our family. Jonathan’s grandmother, Callie Pearl Hale, passed away suddenly and peacefully in her sleep. She was 74.


“Grandmother”, as I knew her, was truly joyful. She would always greet me with a “Hey Hon” and a big smile when we would walk through her back door. Even if she was going through something or wasn’t feeling great, you would not know it by her face. She could light up a room.

Someone at the funeral described her the way I saw her–”strong but also compassionate”. He talked about how rare it was to truly find both qualities in a person. I couldn’t agree more. That’s certainly the person that I saw, and that description is what I yearn to be.

Not only was she strong and compassionate, but she raised Jonathan’s mom to be the same. What a beautiful thing to give to your daughter. And she did it as a single mother, never feeling sorry for herself.

One of Jonathan’s fondest memories is going with her to Ballard Park, where she showed him how to feed the ducks and taught him how to fish.



We like to look at old photo albums at Grandmother and Paw Paw’s house. We got to flip through some of them at Christmas. She told stories about them, and we laughed at old hairstyles. She had a great sense of humor. If she were here today, I’m sure we would all chuckle about this one together:



My husband was always ready for anything with his hat and sunglasses. :)


“She graduated from Potts Camp High School where she was a basketball player. She married William Floyd Hale on June 15, 1974, and they enjoyed 38 years together. A faithful member of the Gloster Street Church of Christ, she was a master homemaker. Callie loved her home, her yard, gardening, working crossword puzzles, watching football games with her husband, and all God’s creation, especially lakes, rivers and ponds where she could fish. She was a devoted wife, mother, sister and grandmother, known affectionately as Mee Mee and Grandmother.” 





Grandmother always made me feel welcome, and I’ll never forget all of the summers when Jonathan and I would go swim at her house. Whether we were friends, dating, breaking up, or getting married, she welcomed me with open arms and that great big smile. I’m thankful that I knew her, and I’m thankful for the way that she loved her family.



You’ll be in our hearts always, Grandmother.



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  1. Deb reece Mitchell 01/31/2013 / 5:39 pm

    Wonderful comments about a wonderful woman. Thanks Sara beth for doing this…

    Your Aunt Deb

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