History of Rap Four

Happy Monday!

Did you get to watch Jimmy Fallon Friday night? It was the last night of “Timberweek”, and Jimmy and JT couldn’t resist another “History of Rap”. It was pretty good:

(click on the image for video)


JT also performed a medley of some of his past hits (which I enjoy much more than the current album, by the way. “Suit & Tie” is good, but the verdict is still out for the rest of the album).

For now, enjoy the “oldies”:

(click on the image for video)


I have to give it to the guy–he truly is multi-talented.

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  1. Jamie 03/18/2013 / 10:19 am

    I couldn’t agree with you more! How did I miss a whole week of JT and fallon? Thanks for sharing the wealth.

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