In Awe of Asheville

The cold weather is almost gone, so I thought I would post about
one of my favorite winter trips this year…

Can you guess what we might have seen? Here’s a hint:


Jonathan and I wanted to celebrate our second wedding anniversary with a weekend getaway, and we thought Asheville, North Carolina would be the perfect spot.

So we headed up to the Blue Ridge Mountains…

blue ridge mountains

and enjoyed the ride along the way…

(scroll down to the bottom for a good tune to listen to as you’re climbing the mountains)

We even saw our name on a truck…

Of course, it’s always exciting when you see your name on a truck…

blue ridge mountains

We rolled into North Carolina…

north carolina

and eventually arrived at the Bed & Breakfast we would stay in…

north lodge bed & breakfast

The North Lodge Bed & Breakfast was just wonderful…

It felt kind of ideallyic, actually.

Like one of those cottage paintings.

You know the ones…

north lodge bed & breakfast

Afternoon tea was a daily activity, and they even had a little DVD rental room…

north lodge

Staying in a Bed & Breakfast has several advantages. There is something particularly quaint and charming about it, and we enjoy getting to meet new folks from all walks of life.

We had two mornings of breakfast with complete strangers.
You may have some new friends by the end of the breakfast, but you will certainly leave with some interesting stories and backgrounds behind the people with whom you dined.

If you’re in North Carolina, you might even get to play in the snow after breakfast…


We were thrilled the first night to get to hang out with our friend, Alston, who now lives in Asheville. He showed us around town and took us to eat at one of the best taco restaurants I’ve ever visited. Salsas has a Mexican Carribean flare, and my mouth is watering, even as I type about it.

Trust me. If you should find yourself in Asheville, just go.

alston & jonathan

The next morning, we had breakfast and headed to the beautiful Biltmore Estate


For a few seconds, I felt like I was in Europe…


But then I remembered that I was in the States…


We headed inside for a tour of the 250-room chateau…


You are looking at the ceiling of the indoor garden room. Stunning, right?

An indoor garden? Yes, please. I’ll take one.

You are not supposed to take pictures inside, so you’ll have to tour yourself to see the rest of the rooms, unfortunately. Hey, but 1 shot out of 250 rooms is pretty good, right? #no


After a two-hour tour (and pretending like I was a Crawley at Downton),
we stepped outdoors for some fresh air and a tour of the grounds.

The sky was just breath-taking…


“The hills are alive…with the sound of music…”


Just take a deep breath, and drink in the views…









I was inspired by Aspiring Kennedy’s famous “kissing pictures”, so I talked my love into one…


Okay…I talked him into two…



After a lovely morning and afternoon at the Estate, we ventured downtown and enjoyed some shopping and people-watching. We love paroozing around a new city and trying to figure out “the vibe”.

Asheville definitely has a hippie/laid-back vibe, and it made for a relaxing stroll around the city.

The people there are not rude–they are just “chill”, so don’t be offended when they don’t get excited about much of anything.

That night, we decided to go for a fancy meal…

We made reservations at a local favorite– The Market Place. It was delicious…


And ambiant…

We had a jazz band playing just a few feet from our table…



After dinner, we walked around the brick streets…


and I tried to sneak another kissing picture…


Yes, Asheville was quite wonderful…


Thanks for the memories, North Carolina.


We plan to visit you again.


{Sara Beth}

Asheville Road Trip Tune: listen


*all images belong to Sara Beth Cobb and should not be used without permission.


  1. Melissa 04/16/2013 / 8:41 am

    Y’all are such a beautiful couple! Happy anniversary! And thanks for sharing. Now i have a new place on my list to want to visit

  2. Jonathan 04/16/2013 / 8:59 am

    In the sixth picture from the bottom, I bear a strong resemblance to the Joker in the dark knight. What ever happened to getting permission before you post pictures of me?

  3. Shelia Robbins 04/16/2013 / 10:12 am

    Loved revisiting the Biltmore. I see that you had a great time. What’s not to love.

  4. Shelia Robbins 04/16/2013 / 10:13 am

    Today is our anniversary. Hang in there and you’ll make it to number 58.

    • sbpcobb
      04/16/2013 / 10:15 am

      Oh my goodness, congratulations!! That is just beautiful. We hope to be so blessed! :) Hope today is a special one for you and Uncle Marshall.

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