When In Houston…

Stay at The Houstonian.

I know…Houston, Texas is not exactly a place that you will travel to purely for pleasure. It is, however, a meca for business travel, and you might just find yourself there for a wedding.

In this case, you should definitely visit The Houstonian.

the houstonian

The Houstonian is the #1 rated luxury hotel in the area and is located on 18 acres surrounded by beautiful, wooded area. It offers a free “shuttle service” (actually a complimentary black car service) to nearby areas, an on-site spa, and multiple swimming pools.

Driving up to it, you almost feel like you’re entering a fancy Catskills club. Inside, you feel as if you are staying in a lodge, and you quickly find that the grounds are sprawling with tons of space and peaceful, flower-adorned trails to the onsite club, pools, and spa.

I’ve done my fair share of traveling throughout the years, and this hotel offered some of the best service I’ve seen. You can expect several doormen always waiting to give you a smile and a hello, a nightly turn-down service  (complete with soothing nature sounds), and a “How can we help you today (insert name), Mrs. Cobb?” at every turn. I was impressed with the professionalism throughout the grounds.





The entire hotel is heavy in rich wood and has a sort of old-world charm…



And the view out your window might look like this…


I felt like I was staying in an extravagant treehouse. Sigh

Who knew Houston could be so lush?

The Houstonian has been featured in Travel + Leisure and received 4 stars in the Forbes Travel Guide. Hungry? They have several dining options with two nice restaurants, a cafe overlooking racquetball courts, and an outside grill at one of the larger pools.

They even have some beautiful reception/banquet rooms…


Sidenote: I reeally enjoyed these Sprinkles cupcakes, too…(thanks to the groom and his sweet mom)


I definitely recommend a stay at this fine hotel. I promise you’ll get a shot of Texas and abundant hospitality and service.

Well, it’s about time for me to hop on another jet…


Until next time!


{Sara Beth}

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  1. Melissa 06/10/2013 / 3:52 pm

    Wow!! I had no idea! i’m checking this out on my next TX visit!!!

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