How Do You Stay Creative?

I’ve gotten this question before, and I think anyone who deals with creativity as part of their job often ponders this, as well. I know I do.

On one of my recent flights, I was thumbing through a US Airways magazine, and a quote call-out caught my eye. It was from Alexis Ohanian. “Who is that,” you say?

He’s the 30 year-old co-founder of Reddit, and he’s making a splash in the tech entrepreneurial world. Don’t worry, you’ll hear his name again, I’m sure.

As I read his words, I was struck by how wise they were for such a young guy. I actually found myself shaking my head in hearty agreement before I realized I must look like a complete nerd…”that girl”, mesmerized by the airline magazine.

So I did the natural thing and took an iphone picture of the page…

And then I had some fun with type and color so I could share with you.

I digress. But here is the answer to the question Alexis was posed. “How do you stay creative?”



And another:



I hope these thoughts give you something to ponder today.

And don’t worry…if you have a dry spell, surround yourself with interesting folks, have great conversation, and don’t let comparison throw you off track.

After all, “creativity takes courage.” –Matisse


  1. Melissa 11/21/2013 / 4:14 pm

    I am now so inspired! #nuffsaid

  2. patrick 12/11/2013 / 5:30 pm

    I did the same – iPhone out, pic, and resent to my sales team for inspiration and ponderment.

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