Ba Ba Dum

We’re not done with our Let’s Go: France series quite yet,
but I ran into this web site the other day,
and it fits with foreign travel perfectly.

If you’re into language
and into taking short breaks throughout the day,
this site was made for you.

It’s called Ba Ba Dum.

Oh yeah.
And it’s super fun.

So just prepare yourself.


With 1500 words, 9 languages, and 5 games,
you’ll be ready to tour the world in no time.

Well, almost.

So turn on your thinking cap,
and hit the play button.


After you do that, select your language at the bottom right corner.


I’ve been working on my French,
so I’m ready to cross the ocean again.

And dreaming of another European adventure…

In the meantime, go learn some new words, you!


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