Tiny Desk {Entre}view: Laurel Donahoo

I am really excited to start with our first interview in the Tiny Desk {Entre}View series!

My first guest is one of my favorite people in the world–the lovely Laurel Donahoo of  The Lovely Bee.

Laurel has the ability to make a space sing.
She’s great at creating a space that is beautiful and playful, too!
I’m always inspired by her ideas.

tiny desk 3

Let’s get to her desk interview…

Tell us about your desk. (any history behind it, where you bought it, etc.)

My desk isn’t the prettiest desk you’ll see, but it sure is functional! It’s a big piece of wood and two sawhorses, so it’s not even technically even a real desk! But I sit at it every day and get so much done at it! The thing I love about it not being a real desk with a whole lot of money sunk into it is that I can paint right on it without having to put something behind the paper I’m painting, get paint all on the wood, and not have to worry about it! I actually sort of like the character that is left behind by all of my old projects.

tiny desk 3 (1)


What’s on your desk most of the time?

tiny desk 6

Usually my computer (I’m in the slow process of moving files from my old computer to my new one as needed, so there are actually two in use right now!), my notepad so I’ll stay organized, paints, paintbrushes, lots of different papers… And occasionally some fresh flowers to brighten things up a little!

tiny desk 4 (1)

tiny desk 7


What type of work happens at your desk most of the time?

Usually either computer work (blogging, trying to stay caught up with email… Those sorts of things!) or painting! In case you are a little unfamiliar with The Lovely Bee, it’s my paper company! The main thing I do is hand painted stationery, which you can see samples of at www.thelovelybee.com, my darling website designed by Sara Beth herself! ;) So painting takes up a good bit of the time when I’m at my desk.

tiny desk 2 (1)


 What do you see from your desk view?

I have lots of bright and fun art, prints, and other bits of prettyness hanging over the bulk of my workspace, but thankfully I do have a little window with a willow tree right outside it!

tiny desk (1)


My husband Price and I planted that tree the first year we were married to suck up some of the standing water that used to gather right there, and now it’s a big, beautiful tree with long branches that wave around so beautifully when the wind blows! I love being in my office when the weather is bad specifically so I can see that tree dancing around!


Tell us about the creative process that takes place in your space.

The creative process often times starts and finishes right here at this desk! I get a lot of inspiration when looking at other blogs, looking around on Etsy, and exploring on Pinterest. I then draft a project, paint it, and package it all right here in the same basic space! If there’s something that has to be printed, that step doesn’t take place here, but all of the rest of it does!


How does your desk stay most of the time? (neat, organized, messy, or any other adjectives that you would use to describe it on a daily basis)

I definitely work better when everything is neat, so I try my hardest to keep things in order as often as possible. Sometimes I’ll be too busy or under too tight of a deadline to get it all picked up before working, but I love it most when it’s super organized!


Favorite item on your desk.

That’s hard! But I’d probably say my box with all my tape, twine, and stamps in it. For some reason I just really love washi tape, twine, and all of the stamps I’ve had made from my own drawings and writing! And I love the old cheese box that houses those items.

tiny desk5


Items that have to be there in order for you to work.

I’ve gotta have my iPad or phone to have some good tunes going on while working! And I’ve gotta have all my paint brushes clean and easily accessible at all times. You never know when you’re going to be in full paint mode and need that slightly smaller brush, ya know?! Gotta always be ready ;)


Favorite working drink to keep on your desk.

Coffee or hot tea! Right now I’m on a Tazo Green Ginger Tea kick. Yummy!!

tiny desk 8


Any thing else you would like to add?

Everything I have hanging above my desk is by a local artist or designer. I’m so inspired by the work of others! It’s like being surrounded by creative company all the time. And lots of bright color just lifts my spirit, so when that mundane-ness starts to set in from time to time, all I have to do is look up and I’m refreshed by all the pretty inspiration!

tiny desk 2


Although I hope to one day have a completely beat out office (with things like window treatments and a real actual desk…), I really do love my current desk/office and I love where I go when I’m sitting right here!

Big thanks to Sara Beth for including me in this super fun series! I’m excited to see the other contributions!!



Thanks for sharing your {tiny desk}, Laurel!

The color surrounding your desk is stunning and inspirational!

More Tiny Desk {Entre}views coming soon!


  1. laurel 03/12/2014 / 10:08 am

    Thanks girl!!! Love! :)

    • sbpcobb
      03/13/2014 / 10:59 am

      Thanks for being a part, Laurel! Obsessed with your tiny desk! :)

  2. Sarah 03/12/2014 / 11:33 am

    i’m so happy to see laurel on this blog! and goodness gracious, this space is perfect. I love having color surrounding me too. It lifts my spirits and gets me moving. i hope to have a space like this very soon in my own house. :)

    thanks for sharing!


    • sbpcobb
      03/13/2014 / 10:59 am

      Thanks for reading, Sarah! Her space is definitely swoon-worthy, right? The color is absolutely inspirational!

      I enjoyed looking through your beautiful blog, too! Thanks for sharing!

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