{Cobb Voyage} Let’s Go: Paris by Night


Paris by night…


Paris is like most great French things…
it is not to be rushed.

Which is why I’m just now getting to this part of our {Cobb Voyage}.

Although it is a bustling big city,
if you start to rush, you don’t fully enjoy just how great it is.

Truly, my favorite times in Paris
were the times of slow night walking
and just taking in its splendor.


They don’t call it “The City of Light” for nothing.


The city lights up a night, almost as if it were a movie set.
The lights are glorious and more romantic than I had even imagined.

And walks by the Seine became my favorite way to end the day.


If you’re a fan of Midnight in Paris,
you should absolutely do the walking tour by night.
{Another good reference for the locations in the film}

You might even start to wonder if
you will really get picked up by some literally geniuses
on the side of Saint Etienne-du-Mont in the Latin Quarter.


Remember the road that curved where they stopped to pick up Gil?


And the restaurant where Gil and Hemingway talked about his book?

Restaurant Polidor, rue Monsieur le Prince


We walked through several other spots, but I did the pre iPhone thing
and decided to enjoy a few and not take pictures the entire time.

Those moments were pretty freeing. And fantastic.
It’s amazing how things burn in your memory when you’re not
always behind the camera.

Should you find yourself in Paris at night
after a wonderfully long French meal,
make sure you take a night walk.

Don’t think about the time. Just get lost in the city for awhile.




And make sure to stop for a Nutella crepe.
There’s always room for a street crepe, after all.



{good evening}


While you’re dreaming of night walks,
I’ll be compiling pics for the rest of the Paris journey.
We’ll explore food, where to sleep, and some sites you can’t miss.

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