It’s been a while since I’ve written. 2014 was Nimblee’s busiest year yet, and I gave myself enough grace to let some things go, which is quite a feat for this girl.

But oh, how nice it was!

Funny how, when you do let some things go, the world doesn’t blow up. It does indeed keep going.

But with the new year in front of us, I’m excited about sharing some things. We’ve got some Tiny Desk Entreviews coming your way, a new to-do list for the Big Apple, and a lettering series, too.

So prepare for takeoff. Shake the holiday dust off (says the girl who didn’t leave her pjs for almost two weeks), and look with hope upon the year ahead.



I look forward to the adventures that await each of us.



We are excited to be featured on The Hive today!



Our Lovely Buzz collaborator, Laurel Donahoo, interviewed us about the beautiful shower that we gave for our dear friend, Katie Miller. I was truly thrilled to be a part of this day. From the decor to the seated brunch to watching mommy-to-be excitedly open her gifts– it was a wonderful morning.

Read more about the shower and interview here, and stay tuned for lots of new posts coming to the blog!




It’s hard to believe that it has been three months since our favorite wedding of the Spring!

We’re flashing back today, so hold on tight.
Texture, romance, and a touch of coral make this wedding simply unforgettable.

(all photos by A Bryan Photo)


We were positively thrilled to design for the lovely Abby Steverson (now Bowlin) and her beau, Alex.

Abby is a talented stylist, and her vision was breathtaking.
We were completely honored to get to make it a reality.

It was a swoonworthy day for sure…



An assortment of tulips (featuring our favorite frilly-edged tulips), peonies, garden roses,
and japanese ranunculus c
omposed Abby’s bouquet.


One of our favorite aspects of this wedding was the bride’s special touches–
from the styling to the lettering, the details made this one extra special.

Her calligraphy was a shining star,
and she was able to incorporate the lettering throughout.





………………..  J O Y ………………..








hello, silk and succulents…



The wedding and reception took place at Moore’s Mill Club in Auburn, Alabama.

The elegant landscapes and natural beauty made for the perfect outdoor wedding.




The bride envisioned an arbor as the focal point of the ceremony
and the platform on which she and her groom would marry.

Her father built this beauty with his own hands
and a heavy garland and romantic blooms finished the look…












The reception featured a seated dinner with Italian flair,
greenery boxes, natural arrangements, lots of lighting, and loads of ambience.



















Now if that doesn’t make you want to fall in love…


I don’t know what will.


Abby and Alex, you are truly beautiful people–inside and out.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your magical day!


************  ************

A special thanks to the incredibly talented Bryan Johnson and his team
at A Bryan Photo for sharing these stunning photos with us.

I love great Alphabet illustrations. I always have. Maybe it’s the type nerd in me.

I ran across this (below) the other day, and it made me really happy.




Full of quippy definitions and hipster vectors, this alphabet rocks.

And it’s hilarious.


Here are some more of my favorites (not in alphabetical order).






I hope you get a kick out of this Alphabet.

Now go be hipster cool. I’m going to listen to The XX.


We’re about to enter Summer officially, so I’ve been reflecting a bit (which is why you haven’t seen a post in a while).

Spring was great. It was comprised of some of the busiest months I’ve had in awhile, but it was good. I was able to get creative with some brands, play with some gorgeous florals, and celebrate Easter.

Coming out of April and May, I’ve continued to think about peace and balance. I’ve broached the topic occassionally on My Latest Buzz, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.



Admittedly, balance has always been difficult for me. For years, I’ve tried to fit 24,349 things into each day, and I still want to have time to be spontaneous, serve my church, be there for my friends, and be the best wife! Of course that can all happen in one day! Why wouldn’t it be possible?

My friends know that I used to live by the motto: “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” After all, there’s just too much to do. Which makes me think of Jessie Spano (“I’m so excited,” anyone?).

As I get closer to the big 3-0, I’ve felt the Lord put His hand on me and remind me to breathe. I’ve felt the yearning for a slower life and time to just be each day. Time to actually sit and look at nature and think about nothing but His beauty. Time away from phones, distractions, and a full calendar. Time to have a conversation that is not rushed. Time to take care of the body God has given me. When you’re drowning in to-do lists and slave to a schedule, it can be easy to lose perspective and miss those things.

I’m glad that we serve a God that is bigger than me and my busyness. I’m glad that He can prod even in the midst of my selfishness. I’m grateful that He is patient and loving with me. No matter how many times I fail, He loves me just the same.

Don’t get me wrong. I think the Lord has blessed each of us with gifts, and I know that He wants us to use those gifts. But even Jesus had quiet time–uninterrupted time with the Lord to just talk and pray. Jesus had time to talk to the outcasts of society because his schedule allowed room for it. Yes, he taught and traveled and healed. But he also made real time for people and even for himself. And that’s one of the most wonderful attributes of Jesus. The Savior of the Universe could actually sit in a house and “be” rather than do (Mary & Martha, Luke 10).

I get the feeling from the Gospels that Jesus was slow. His ease and peace make me think that he walked slowly and talked slowly. That he wasn’t rushed to do the next thing. How I love that. Just thinking about Him and how he interacted with people makes me want to slow down.

This is not to discount who we are as individuals. I think that some of our weaknesses can also be strengths. The disciples all had different personalities, gifts, strengths and weaknesses. And Jesus loved them and wanted their help to spread the good news. He wanted them as friends, too. I’m not naturally a slow person, but I can learn the value in that. I can channel my need for efficiency into something good, too.

But for now, I just want to spend some time listening and “being.”

Jesus never said this world or this life would be easy. But He did promise that we can have hope…and peace.
I’m thankful for that promise, and I take great joy in it!




What are your thoughts on peace and balance? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.