After a month of travel across the pond, Christmas festivities, and an outdoorsy trip to Kentucky,
this girl is rested and ready to buzz into the new year!

Nimblee is excited, too.
We had our best year yet (thanks to you all)!

In fact, it was so busy at times,
we didn’t get to show you some of our favorite work…

or brag on our fabulous clients.


Enter, 31 of 13.



Each day in January, we’ll post an image of a piece of work from 2013.

31 days of our favorites from 2013 (see what we did there?).

It might be branding.

It might be a print.

It could even be florals.

What can we say…we just love design!

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We hope your 2013 was everything you wanted it to be.

And if it wasn’t, that’s okay.

That’s what new beginnings are for!

*****Hello, 2014!*****

I’ve been wanting to post this wedding for the longest time, and the day is finally here (forgive me for being the slowest poster ever)!

This wedding was special for so many reasons…

#1.-The Kitchens family has always been a part of my life. I’ve known them since I can remember, and we grew up together at First Baptist in New Albany. Ben always made sure I wasn’t picked on too much in Youth Group. Thanks, Ben. :) I used to help Mary Katherine get ready for cheerleader tryouts in the room above their garage, and when a tornado hit my family’s house several years ago, Mr. Dave was the first person on the scene, chain saw in hand. Sam’s wife, Sara, and I hit it off in high school when they were dating, and when she came to Mississippi State, we became sorority sisters and good friends. What can I say? The Kitchens are good folks.

#2. Look at these two studs…

My hubby and Ben have been great friends since high school, where they dominated the football field together. Don’t they look tough in those letterman jackets?

Ben was in our wedding…

…and he caught the garter…

Shortly after, he and Stephanie were headed towards marital bliss. I’m just sayin’. Don’t discount the garter catch, people.

Clearly, you can see my affections for the groom and his family, so let me tell you another reason that this wedding was special…

#3. Design details all around

I was asked to design some elements for Ben and Stephanie’s June wedding, and I was immediately excited, because I could tell this wedding was going to be unique and detail-oriented.

The mother of the groom, Mrs. Trisha, asked me to design for the rehearsal dinner.

First, we designed a banner. The couple took pictures with it, and it would later be used at the rehearsal dinner. How cute are they?!

{The Rehearsal Dinner}

The mother of the groom put a beautiful matted frame together to use as a guest registry with the “Tomorrow I Do” pic inside…

The banner was then incorporated into the head table as well. I just love the mix of burlap with those elegant details in the table scape!

The mother of the groom also wanted a custom seating chart in the front foyer, leading into the dinner…

Of course, I loved working with the always elegant, black and white…

Possibly my favorite part in the entire process was designing for the custom table numbers…

The table numbers featured photos of the bride and groom and corresponded with their ages in the photographs. As you can see, Ben and Stephanie were clearly adorable four-year olds.

The tables were complete with matching place card settings…

and “thank you” tags were attached to these beautiful wedding cake cookies as gifts for the guests…

The rehearsal dinner was just lovely–great food, great toasts to the couple, and little details throughout to make it uniquely theirs.

I also worked with the bride to design a custom “Just Married” banner to be used at the reception. She wanted something in burlap, and she wanted it to be elegant as well. This was to be just one of the many special details she would incorporate throughout the reception. You have such vision, and your attention to even the small details is amazing, Stephanie!

Speaking of details…I had fun with some of my own…

I used lace trim and pearl piping to give it that wedding elegance, and the Tiffany blue ribbon was used to bring in some color and accent her bridesmaids’ dresses.

It was hung in the beautiful courtyard outside at the reception…

and the happy couple looked quite lovely in front of it. :)

Congrats, Ben & Stephanie!

We had a great time celebrating with you and the family…

and we think you’re just swell.

Sara Beth Cobb is a freelance graphic designer and owner of {nimblee}, where she specializes in branding and custom invitation design. {nimblee} is located in The Magic City–Birmingham, Alabama. 





Found this on desiretoinspire, and I was definitely inspired—in my dream-house kind of way. How gorgeous is this bedroom (and this shot, taken by David Tsay)?

Things I like about this room and the reason it made me *sigh*…

  • It’s warm, cozy, and inviting, but it’s also very well-done.
  • I love that massive candle in the globe on the night stand.
  • And, on the other side, the wall bed-side lamp. Perfect for a late-night reader like myself.
  • BOOKS!!! I think the best designs are those that are beautiful, yet functional. This built-in bookcase has me smiling already, but throw in all of those wonderful books that you can grab at any moment and just hop back in the bed to read—perfection.
  • The 3-tier candelabra brings something old to this room. It now has a little bit of history. I like. And, I like that “they” are using it. I hate unused candlesticks more than anything.
  • The simple, yet luxurious comforter and quilt make me think that I would never ever want to get out of bed. I love the neutrals, too, and the off-white sheets. They are so calming.
  • The rug…oh, my, the rug…
  • …which leads me to the gorgeous hardwoods, of course.
  • Who could forget this fireplace? I would love nothing more than to curl up on a cold winter night and drift off to sleep by the crackling of the fire.
  • I also am loving the piece of framed art on the mantle. I can’t make out what it is exactly, but it seems to be very cool.
  • This room has a lot of light, which means that it has some large windows that we can’t see. I am imaging that they show a glorious mountain view. Later today, I am going skiing on the very mountains that I am looking at while I eat breakfast in bed and read. Life is hard in this beautiful bedroom.
  • Let’s not leave out my favorite part…the exposed rafters. Stunning.

Sara Beth Parks is a designer, Southern girl, and lover of all things beautiful, currently writing of her journey with art, design, and life on this blog, “My Latest Buzz.”

I was thrilled to create this invitation a few months ago for my good friends, Katie and Paul Pless. The bride wanted something very elegant and traditional, and we used small details to bring to it a little something special. It’s always such a joy to design for people that you enjoy working with, and I had a great time with Katie and her mom working on all of the invite and program details. Here are a few shots, and head over to Nimblee to see more.

I snagged a pic with the bride at their lovely reception:

Sara Beth Parks is a designer, Southern girl, and lover of all things beautiful, currently writing of her journey with art, design, and life on this blog, “My Latest Buzz.”