In case you missed it, Laurel’s beautiful baby bee shower was featured on Inspiration Mississippi!

This is my favorite pic from the day. Laurel was truly glowing!



This shower was definitely a Fall highlight. We were thrilled to get to celebrate with Laurel as she prepared for the arrival of her sweet babe (we love you, baby Wilson)!

In honor of her love for bees, we decided a bee-themed shower would be perfectly appropriate.

We even incorporated her hand-drawn (lovely bee) bee into the invitation:




I was excited to be interviewed about the details and the process, and I enjoyed working with all of the lovely hostesses! Our friend, Jessica Holmes, made the adorable baby bee banner in the above photo. It was one of my favorite touches!

Head on over to Inspiration Mississippi for the interview and more pics from the day!

I am really excited to start with our first interview in the Tiny Desk {Entre}View series!

My first guest is one of my favorite people in the world–the lovely Laurel Donahoo of  The Lovely Bee.

Laurel has the ability to make a space sing.
She’s great at creating a space that is beautiful and playful, too!
I’m always inspired by her ideas.

tiny desk 3

Let’s get to her desk interview…

Tell us about your desk. (any history behind it, where you bought it, etc.)

My desk isn’t the prettiest desk you’ll see, but it sure is functional! It’s a big piece of wood and two sawhorses, so it’s not even technically even a real desk! But I sit at it every day and get so much done at it! The thing I love about it not being a real desk with a whole lot of money sunk into it is that I can paint right on it without having to put something behind the paper I’m painting, get paint all on the wood, and not have to worry about it! I actually sort of like the character that is left behind by all of my old projects.

tiny desk 3 (1)


What’s on your desk most of the time?

tiny desk 6

Usually my computer (I’m in the slow process of moving files from my old computer to my new one as needed, so there are actually two in use right now!), my notepad so I’ll stay organized, paints, paintbrushes, lots of different papers… And occasionally some fresh flowers to brighten things up a little!

tiny desk 4 (1)

tiny desk 7


What type of work happens at your desk most of the time?

Usually either computer work (blogging, trying to stay caught up with email… Those sorts of things!) or painting! In case you are a little unfamiliar with The Lovely Bee, it’s my paper company! The main thing I do is hand painted stationery, which you can see samples of at, my darling website designed by Sara Beth herself! ;) So painting takes up a good bit of the time when I’m at my desk.

tiny desk 2 (1)


 What do you see from your desk view?

I have lots of bright and fun art, prints, and other bits of prettyness hanging over the bulk of my workspace, but thankfully I do have a little window with a willow tree right outside it!

tiny desk (1)


My husband Price and I planted that tree the first year we were married to suck up some of the standing water that used to gather right there, and now it’s a big, beautiful tree with long branches that wave around so beautifully when the wind blows! I love being in my office when the weather is bad specifically so I can see that tree dancing around!


Tell us about the creative process that takes place in your space.

The creative process often times starts and finishes right here at this desk! I get a lot of inspiration when looking at other blogs, looking around on Etsy, and exploring on Pinterest. I then draft a project, paint it, and package it all right here in the same basic space! If there’s something that has to be printed, that step doesn’t take place here, but all of the rest of it does!


How does your desk stay most of the time? (neat, organized, messy, or any other adjectives that you would use to describe it on a daily basis)

I definitely work better when everything is neat, so I try my hardest to keep things in order as often as possible. Sometimes I’ll be too busy or under too tight of a deadline to get it all picked up before working, but I love it most when it’s super organized!


Favorite item on your desk.

That’s hard! But I’d probably say my box with all my tape, twine, and stamps in it. For some reason I just really love washi tape, twine, and all of the stamps I’ve had made from my own drawings and writing! And I love the old cheese box that houses those items.

tiny desk5


Items that have to be there in order for you to work.

I’ve gotta have my iPad or phone to have some good tunes going on while working! And I’ve gotta have all my paint brushes clean and easily accessible at all times. You never know when you’re going to be in full paint mode and need that slightly smaller brush, ya know?! Gotta always be ready ;)


Favorite working drink to keep on your desk.

Coffee or hot tea! Right now I’m on a Tazo Green Ginger Tea kick. Yummy!!

tiny desk 8


Any thing else you would like to add?

Everything I have hanging above my desk is by a local artist or designer. I’m so inspired by the work of others! It’s like being surrounded by creative company all the time. And lots of bright color just lifts my spirit, so when that mundane-ness starts to set in from time to time, all I have to do is look up and I’m refreshed by all the pretty inspiration!

tiny desk 2


Although I hope to one day have a completely beat out office (with things like window treatments and a real actual desk…), I really do love my current desk/office and I love where I go when I’m sitting right here!

Big thanks to Sara Beth for including me in this super fun series! I’m excited to see the other contributions!!



Thanks for sharing your {tiny desk}, Laurel!

The color surrounding your desk is stunning and inspirational!

More Tiny Desk {Entre}views coming soon!


In case you missed it, my favorite room, our dining room, was featured on The Hive yesterday!


My fellow collaborator with The Lovely Buzz, Laurel Donahoo, has put together a beautiful series of guest bloggers’ favorite rooms, and it’s been a lot of fun to follow! If you’re into interior spaces, you should definitley check it out.

And if you’re interested in what makes our dining room special, read the interview here!

Thanks for featuring our little space, Laurel! The My Favorite Room series makes me swoon!


I’m thrilled to introduce an exciting creative blogger collaboration with a dear friend and talented woman. Meet Laurel Donahoo.


She’s truly as lovely as she is beautiful! 

Laurel and I have been good friends since college, and one way we’ve kept in touch is through our blogs. After some good food and creative talk one night, we hatched an idea: a collaboration of My Latest Buzz + The Lovely Bee.

Enter, The Lovely Buzz.



We share a similar free spirit, an obsession for bees, and a love of French 75s.

So we thought me might share some blog posts, too.

We’ve decided to swap some writing and bring you a little bit of creative goodness along the way, so stay tuned!

Now, let’s get to know a little more about the writer behind The Hive and the creator of The Lovely Bee

You’re going to like her. She’s fun and fabulous, too.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Laurel and I’m from Madison, Mississippi (just outside of Jackson!) I am married to my best friend in the whole world, Price! We have twin beagles (Delta and Dover) and a big lovable mutt named Ringo (who weighs about 30 pounds more than what the vet told us he’d probably weigh… But I guess that’s the risk you take when you welcome a mutt puppy into your home!) I am ½ of the heaviest twins ever born in the state of Mississippi (an honor I share with my brother/womb buddy, Jordan.) I love traveling, Mississippi State football (and hanging out with Sara Beth and Jonathan after every home game!), pretty clothes, pretty furniture, the 20’s, Breaking Bad, The Wonder Years, malbec, crisp Octobers, local food, quoting movies (Home Alone has to be my fave), and my Lord and savior, just to name a few things! :)


Tell us about The Hive.

The Hive is my little blog that I originally started for the purpose of keeping anyone who was interested updated on my stationery business, The Lovely Bee! After realizing pretty quickly that its no fun for anyone for me to talk about my business all the time, I decided to expand my blog topics to things beyond pretty paper products and explore other loves (like cooking, fashion, wine, traveling, so forth and so on!) The Hive has turned into one of my most fun ventures and a great way for me to meet lots of new people! (And I do still give occasional business updates, for those who do find that interesting!)


What do are your favorite things to blog about?

I really really love throwing parties then blogging about them! My favorite one I did was Price’s surprise 30th birthday party! It was cigar themed and I may or may not have gotten carried away with the theme… But I had SO much fun! (I’m still so proud of myself and all of our friends for keeping it a secret for so long! He was truly surprised!)

I also love blogging about anything Christmas related, about new ideas I have for stationery, about new recipes I’ve tried (or made up), and about my darling friend Elish’s enviable fashion sense!



When is your favorite time (and setting) to blog?

My favorite time is either early in the morning before things get too hectic, or later at night when Price is watching a show I’m not interested in. I love sitting on the sofa with him, each of us doing our own thing together! I also love sitting at our dining room table, which is right by a big window that I can stare out when writer’s block takes me over!


How did you come up with the idea for your blog?

Well, even though it was started as a place for business updates, I realized how much I loved putting posts together! It’s one of my favorite things! So I wanted to start posting about other things I found interesting and that I thought others might get a kick out of as well. My blog has really turned into a place for me to just have fun!


Tell us about your stationery.

The Lovely Bee stationery is special because it is all hand painted and/or hand constructed! I have about a dozen different designs that I hand paint or draw a pattern onto, then I affix the design onto a beautiful card and package the cards as individuals and as sets of six! For the most part, The Lovely Bee stationery is really fun, bright, and happy. The designs range from quirky to cute to slightly more sophisticated.

I’ve actually done a few informal polls and I have yet to come across an individual who doesn’t love getting a pretty piece of snail mail in their mailbox! The Lovely Bee is here to assist you in brightening up your friends’ mailboxes with something a little different from what you might find in most stores!



Describe your favorite outfit.

My favorite outfit… Let me tell you about what is currently my favorite outfit! I got this black drop waist dress from Zara on a family vacation to Chicago a few months back that I have absolutely worn the heck out of. I love the material, I love how it fits me and I love how easy it is to change up! My favorite way I’ve worn this little number lately was with a pair of Rosa Hyde casual taupey strappy heels from the one and only Arco Avenue, my taupey Rebecca Minkoff bag, and lots of gold jewelry layered on. I feel pretty but not overdone when I’ve got this little ensemble on!

Describe your perfect day (with perfect meal included):

My perfect day would include sleeping in with Price and the pups, having a big cup of coffee upon awakening, and enjoying it on our back porch with a 65 degree atmosphere surrounding us! After a leisurely coffee sesh, I would throw on my favorite outfit and go meet all my best friends for lunch, which would be a Mexican feast consisting of margaritas from Sombra, guacamole and cheese dip from Babalu, chips and a burrito from Jaco’s Tacos, and a spicy brownie for dessert from Sombra. (I’m a freak for Mexican food, and between my three favorite local mexican joints, I’m able to put together the perfect Mexican meal!) Post lunch, I would write a blog post about the amazing meal I just had, complete with perfect photos and no typos! I would then watch Home Alone with whoever wanted to join me, and we would laugh until we cried. We would then proceed quoting Kevin and Buzz and continue with the laughter. After a lovely, low-key afternoon, we would do another wardrobe change into something a little more sparkly and possibly 20’s inspired and get geared up for a fabulous dinner! This meal would consist of filets, artichokes, and ice cream for everyone, complimented by craft cocktails. After such a fun day filled with great food, I’m positive I would sleep like a dream!


What inspires you most?

I’ve probably been most inspired by others’ blogs, many of which I’ve been able to find via Pinterest! I also love me some online magazines. Rue and Lonny are by far my faves. I’m also super inspired by SummerHouse, the furniture store and design firm where I work part time doing social media. The creative environment up there is incredibly inspiring!


What are your top 3 travel destinations (places you’ve never been)?

The French Riviera. Morocco. Banf. (In no particular order) :)


How would you describe your style?

My style… Overall, I hope my style is what most people would call approachable! I like trends but don’t like investing too much in them. (This goes for fashion and for interiors, by the way!) Classic pieces that can adapt to trends are where I really like to invest. And for the most part, I’m a pretty casual person. I do love getting dressed up (and I love some glitter and sequins!), but my everyday look is more of what I hope is stylish casual!


Five words to describe your home.

Dog-friendly. Happy. White-walled. Art-filled. Cozy.




How do you unwind?

I love going out to eat with Price after a long day. Letting someone else do the cooking is simply wonderful sometimes! Then coming home, belly full, and watching an episode of The Wonder Years on the back porch over a glass of grapes is the perfect mindless unwinding that’s needed after a big day at the office!


Give us an interesting/weird fact about yourself.

I’m dying to own an airstream trailer. How much fun would decorating and glamping in one of those be?!


What can we expect from The Hive in the next few months?

I hope to really get my new column “Twelve Dollar Bottle” going strong, since the ones I’ve done to date have been so popular! The premise of this column is super simple: Buy a bottle of wine that costs $12 or less, gather a group of fun folks (who essentially know very little about wine), divide up the bottle, then discuss what we’re drinking! It can get pretty funny… :)

I also hope to get another column called “My Favorite Room” going strong, which would be my blogger friends snapping a few shots of their favorite room in their house and answering a few questions about what makes that room is so special to them!



We look forward to reading more from you, Laurel! 

Stay tuned for more Lovely Buzz collaboration coming soon!
Be sure to check out more from Laurel on The Hive in the meantime.