I’ve gotten to do some design work recently for the mother of two beautiful children, Bailey and Evan. She had amazing vision for what she wanted their birthday parties to be, and she needed some custom design work to make it come to life.

It’s always fun to get to work on something “crafty” in the midst of my graphic/computer world. But, when graphic design meets craftiness, it gets really fun.


Bailey’s party was first. She wanted to go with a musical theme, so her mother came up with “Baileypalooza” for the name. Seriously, how much fun is that?


So we made a {Baileypalooza} banner…


And included some musical details…



The cupcake toppers were extra fun…



And the birthday girl is adorable:


How cute is she??! :)


Her brother’s birthday rolled around next, and we created some fun things for him, too…



For Evan’s birthday party, she wanted to go with a sports theme, highlighting his favorites–baseball, football, and basketball.

Good choices, Evan. Those are my favorites, too.



The kids were given tickets to get into the party…



And mini sports flags were the perfect cupcake toppers for this little boy’s birthday celebration.



I don’t have a pic of Evan, but I can assure you, he’s absolutely adorable, as well! These children could be models.

I loved creating for you, Leesha, and I hope both parties were smashing successes!


Sara Beth Cobb is a freelance graphic designer and owner of {nimblee}, where she specializes in branding and custom invitation design. {nimblee} is located in The Magic City–Birmingham, Alabama. 

I’ve been wanting to post this wedding for the longest time, and the day is finally here (forgive me for being the slowest poster ever)!

This wedding was special for so many reasons…

#1.-The Kitchens family has always been a part of my life. I’ve known them since I can remember, and we grew up together at First Baptist in New Albany. Ben always made sure I wasn’t picked on too much in Youth Group. Thanks, Ben. :) I used to help Mary Katherine get ready for cheerleader tryouts in the room above their garage, and when a tornado hit my family’s house several years ago, Mr. Dave was the first person on the scene, chain saw in hand. Sam’s wife, Sara, and I hit it off in high school when they were dating, and when she came to Mississippi State, we became sorority sisters and good friends. What can I say? The Kitchens are good folks.

#2. Look at these two studs…

My hubby and Ben have been great friends since high school, where they dominated the football field together. Don’t they look tough in those letterman jackets?

Ben was in our wedding…

…and he caught the garter…

Shortly after, he and Stephanie were headed towards marital bliss. I’m just sayin’. Don’t discount the garter catch, people.

Clearly, you can see my affections for the groom and his family, so let me tell you another reason that this wedding was special…

#3. Design details all around

I was asked to design some elements for Ben and Stephanie’s June wedding, and I was immediately excited, because I could tell this wedding was going to be unique and detail-oriented.

The mother of the groom, Mrs. Trisha, asked me to design for the rehearsal dinner.

First, we designed a banner. The couple took pictures with it, and it would later be used at the rehearsal dinner. How cute are they?!

{The Rehearsal Dinner}

The mother of the groom put a beautiful matted frame together to use as a guest registry with the “Tomorrow I Do” pic inside…

The banner was then incorporated into the head table as well. I just love the mix of burlap with those elegant details in the table scape!

The mother of the groom also wanted a custom seating chart in the front foyer, leading into the dinner…

Of course, I loved working with the always elegant, black and white…

Possibly my favorite part in the entire process was designing for the custom table numbers…

The table numbers featured photos of the bride and groom and corresponded with their ages in the photographs. As you can see, Ben and Stephanie were clearly adorable four-year olds.

The tables were complete with matching place card settings…

and “thank you” tags were attached to these beautiful wedding cake cookies as gifts for the guests…

The rehearsal dinner was just lovely–great food, great toasts to the couple, and little details throughout to make it uniquely theirs.

I also worked with the bride to design a custom “Just Married” banner to be used at the reception. She wanted something in burlap, and she wanted it to be elegant as well. This was to be just one of the many special details she would incorporate throughout the reception. You have such vision, and your attention to even the small details is amazing, Stephanie!

Speaking of details…I had fun with some of my own…

I used lace trim and pearl piping to give it that wedding elegance, and the Tiffany blue ribbon was used to bring in some color and accent her bridesmaids’ dresses.

It was hung in the beautiful courtyard outside at the reception…

and the happy couple looked quite lovely in front of it. :)

Congrats, Ben & Stephanie!

We had a great time celebrating with you and the family…

and we think you’re just swell.

Sara Beth Cobb is a freelance graphic designer and owner of {nimblee}, where she specializes in branding and custom invitation design. {nimblee} is located in The Magic City–Birmingham, Alabama. 





I must first say that this blog is loong overdue! Things have been super busy in the nimblee shop the last few months, and it’s been hard to catch my breath! Sorry for the post delay!

This invitation suite was one of the most fun and creative designs I’ve had the pleasure of putting together all year. And, it’s always extra special to get to create for an old friend!

Julianna and Zach wanted something different and unique-something that really displayed their sense of style. One email from her said, “Be as creative and funky as you like.” That is music to a designer’s ears! :)

She wanted bold, muted colors with a vintage vibe. One description she gave of the targeted feel: “Lots of mason jars, vintage tablecloths and mismatched antique china.” I loved it right from the start!

Once the wedding suite was complete, we focused on creating a custom wedding thumbprint tree. Julianna and Zach wanted something more than your standard guestbook-they wanted a piece of artwork that their guests could help create.

I have always had an affinity for drawing and painting trees, so I was undoubtedly excited about this design mission! We created enough branches for the number of guests that were expected and got creative with some wording, too! I have to thank my associate art director (thanks, hubby!) for his handy-work and clever wording on this one.

Can you find the love birds? :)

Instruction card for the wedding tree:

Wipe your paws after leafing, y’all!

Finished and lovely.

nabbed from Julianna's facebook :)

nabbed from Julianna’s facebook :)



Thanks for letting me design for you, Julianna and Zach! It was a pleasure! :)


Special thanks to Christina Cannon for lending me some wedding photos. Check her out–she has some beautiful work!



Sara Beth Cobb is a freelance graphic designer and owner of {nimblee}, where she specializes in branding and custom invitation design. {nimblee} is located in The Magic City–Birmingham, Alabama. 

Who doesn’t love a bachelorette party?

These invitations are always so much fun to create, because the possibilities are endless! This client wanted something that was fun and sweet for her friend, the bride. I thought a soft, illustrated touch might just be the ticket. Cue sharpie lingerie drawings–ooh la la!!

Thanks for letting me design for you, Em. :) You always have great vision!

Sara Beth Cobb is a freelance graphic designer and owner of {nimblee}, where she specializes in branding and custom invitation design. {nimblee} is located in The Magic City–Birmingham, Alabama. 

I absolutely loved designing for this invitation! The hostesses for the shower work with the mommy-to-be and wanted to throw something special for her.

After chatting with the client, I knew that I wanted the invitation to be high-end and classy but fun, too. And, it’s for a sweet baby boy, so I wanted the colors to reflect that.

Hope your shower was a blast, Tiffany, and we’re excited about baby boy DeGruy! :)

{nimblee} is a custom invitation & design shop located in Birmingham, Alabama.