It’s been waiting for you.

The thing is, I felt like it was when we arrived.

New York City–the land of over 8 million people–felt like it was waiting for us.

One day, maybe I’ll tell you the details of our journey to New York; but let’s just say it started four years ago at Amsterdam Ale House in the Upper West Side, when Jonathan and I looked at each other and said, “What if we lived here?”


We’ve only been here a month, but we’ve been surprised and grateful at just how at home we are in the city that never sleeps.

I took some time away from writing and this blog, but it is my hope to write again–this time about the things that inspire me in our new city.

Welcome to our little life in the big city.

my latest buzz

I’ve been dreaming of Brownstone living lately…



I know.

I have small dreams.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to walk up your Brownstone steps and see this view inside?



I’ll take one Brownstone for two with extra room for family expansion in the Upper West Side, please.

I hand-picked this one when we were in NYC last year:



And got lost in the idea of having fellow Brownstone neighbors…




We could walk to Cafe Lalo on Friday nights for dessert and coffee…



And dream of how to make it our own…



These shots just make me swoon.



Would you like to come over for a Brownstone backyard party? We can sit amongst our hydrangeas and enjoy cocktails together…



And admire our wall of super cool art…



Yes, I think I will have to wait awhile on my very own Brownstone…





But it never hurt anyone to dream, right?




For more swoon-worthy photos, check out the Pinterest Brownstone search page where I found a few of these images.


Also, if you love New York, too, you should read this article that was in The New York Times yesterday regarding Brownstones and, specifically, Brooklyn as a brand. It’s pretty interesting.

Happy weekend to you, and happy dreaming of Brownstones and whatever else you may be dreaming about today.